Saturday, June 6, 2015

June Creative Journey: Day 5

{Part 1}

I'm on the road today and currently, this is as creative as it's gotten! Hopefully I will have more to add before the day is through.

{Part 2}

I could tell when, I woke up this morning that I was having an off day so, I quickly decided to change my plans and follow my hubby downtown. The dramatic change of scenes coupled with the energy of the city core is normally all I need to crowbar myself out of a rut. 

Not today. Alas, it all felt a little too intense so I tucked myself away in a quite corner with a tea, read and sketched a bit. The sketching felt pretty forced and unsuccessful but, I did scrounge up a few good ideas for later so, maybe it was a success after all?

When I found out I'd have the house to myself tonight, I decided to just relax and enjoy it. I've made myself what I can only call a faux-hot cheese dip/spread of sorts and I've picked up an adventure saga novel in the Tolkien style. I am ready for a bit of escapism tonight. Who knows, maybe painting will still come before the night is through. 

What is inspiring me today:

I'd love to say the architecture that surrounded me today, or the pack of daycare kids running around the park in sheer glee, or maybe the battling buskers on the square, or possibly the zentangle doodle book I borrowed from the library? Each of these certainly had an influence but, to be honest, right now, it is a quiet house, a good book and a glass of my favourite kiwi wine. wink emoticon

Do you have go to sources of inspiration? What do you do to shake yourself out of a bad mood or creative rut?

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