Monday, June 8, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day 8

I had another late start to my painting, having to wait until the kids were down for the night. I have been struggling with insomnia recently so, I wasn't sure if I even had the energy left to try anything. I decided that even if I only got one flower painted, I should try if only not to break my promise to create daily. In the end, I popped my audiobook on again, poured a glass of wine and before,  I knew it  had not only painted a flower but, complete my second painting! 

 What is inspiring me today:

Today, was not an inspiring day. To be honest, it was an "I'm exhausted and just trying to get through today" kind of day. The great thing is that I think my hypothesis that daily creating helps overcome the inertia problem has been proven true. I can't imagine in the past, having  been able to push through and paint when I felt like I did today but, I made a decision to do it, I created an environment that I knew would contribute to my success and was quickly able to enter into my creative mindspace. This has been a true revelation to me because, all signs pointed to there being no point in even trying yet I came out of this experience with a completed painting! Hopefully this will reinforce in me the idea of just starting no matter how I feel.

Have you experienced something similar in your creative journey?

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