Saturday, June 6, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day 6

It feels like summer is in full swing, it's really hot in Edmonton and staying indoors did not feel like an option today. Since, I really have to get my birds completed ASAP (kind of nervous how long I've left the masking fluid already!), I packed up my painting gear, some snacks and a blanket then we headed down to the river valley for some plein air painting. 

Painting outdoors is a wonderful experience though it take some adjusting to. My paint dried way faster than usual in the heat, and though I frequently had to pick bugs and poplar fluff out of my paint, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and lost all track of time. In the end I did not manage to complete my project as hoped but, I did make a good dent into it. If all goes well I should be able to complete at least one piece tomorrow.

What is inspiring me today:

Today was a low tech day. No youtube tutorials, music, pinterest etc, just the joy of sunlight on my shoulders, grass on my feet, the chittering of birds, and the lingering smell of spring turning to summer. Sometimes, it can feel too daunting to pack up my gear and head outside to paint but, when I do it's always worth the effort. 

Can you take what you are working on outside? Do you find the outdoors generally an inspiration or a distraction to your creative work?

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