Saturday, June 13, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day13

Unlike yesterday, I do not have much to show for pictures today. I am working on a much larger version of the time-lapse night skies I shared yesterday. I really hope that it turns out as it is taking an eternity to apply the masking fluid that this technique depends on. I only managed to get about 25% laid down tonight.

What is inspiring me:

My main source of inspiration to take on this much larger painting was all of the encouragement and support I received from my post yesterday. There is nothing like hearing that people love what you are doing to energize you to keep going! Thank you. 

On a much smaller note, I have always found masking fluid challenging to apply and so I used it very sparingly. I chose to create very small works initially because I knew how big of a pain the masking process could be. I wracked my brain to come up with a better tool then, decided to take a poke through my old scrapbooking supplies. Bingo! I found a couple of embossing tools gathering dust, they worked wonderfully and gave me the courage to tackle the larger painting.

Have you found motivation in other peoples admiration of your work before? Can you think of a fellow creative you can encourage with a few well placed words?

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