Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day 2

I knew today would be tougher because of appointments but, I am kind of proud of myself as, I remembered to pack the sketches I was working on. I managed to refine the birds I've been working on, in between appointments and quickly tape them down to boards before going to pick my son up at school. If I am not exhausted by the time the kids are in bed tonight, I'm hoping to paint the background...we shall see!

What is inspiring me today:

I am still listening to The Spark which I mentioned yesterday, it makes for good creative company. I've also been exploring a wonderful site called Paint my Photo. You do need to become a member to use the site but, it's free and well worth it if you are looking for photo sources. The site invites photographers to post images that they give artists permission to paint. It's always wonderful to be able to do a quick search for something obscure like jellyfish or, as for this painting, cherry blossoms and not worry about copyrights. 

How were you creative today?

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