Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day 9

The end of a painting is always much more interesting to share than the beginning. I almost did not add photos today's post at all as they are pretty boring. Today, I flip flopped a lot on what I wanted to do next. Once I settled on an idea, I dove in only to have technical difficulties with the new paper I bought...not impressed. After fighting with the first idea for a while, I decided to step back from it and do a small sketch of something completely unrelated. There was a lot more invisible processing involved in today's work, hopefully I will have something more impressive to show tomorrow!

What is inspiring me today:

I keep a few sketchbooks on hand with ideas for future projects but, I also keep a digital notebook in the app Evernote. I love using this app as I can snap a quick photo into it on the road, or add a link to a great technique, or type in a passing idea then, I can access it from any of my devices. I of course also love Pinterest -I was on the waiting list for when it would come to Canada- and use it endlessly for somethings but, I love the flexibility and privacy of my inspiration file in Evernote when it comes to my painting.
(Haha, I seriously would not have expected I would ever be typing sentences like these before my geeky hubby sold me on the benefits technology had to offer the creative!)
I find that, often, ideas come in waves where there is no way you can complete all of the things that have popped into your mind before they pop right out again. This makes the keeping of some form of journal, sketchbook, inspiration file, or pin board (real or on the net) invaluable. Pouring through your collection of past ideas can be a wonderful way to get you fired up and ready to leap into your next project. 
Once you have a healthy collection of inspiration amassed, choosing can be the next big challenge. I used to agonize over "the right project" (yes I'm one of those) but, I'm slowly learning that there is no wrong answer and to just go with what speaks to me in the moment.
What do you use to keep track of your creative ideas?

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