Saturday, June 13, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day 12 (Posted the day after)

have a lot of pictures to share today but, very little time to write about them so, here we go! First, I completed my Night Forest piece from yesterday then, I made a series of three mini (3x3 inches) inspired by night sky time lapse photography I found and finally, I stamped a series of small tags on scraps of watercolour paper for my mom who is preparing bouquets for family.

What is inspiring me today:

I think I'm on the same vane as yesterday: enjoying experimenting, trying to recreate the amazing skies I came across while researching my moon painting. I kind of like my time-lapse star trio. What do you think? Would it be worth trying to make a larger version? One thing about creating everyday is that it takes a lot less effort to get into the zone, shall we say. I was so entranced working on these paintings that I completely missed lunch and was shocked when my alarm to meet the kids at the bus went off. (Oops!) There is something meditative to this kind of project and that very feeling inspires me to continue more painting in this style.

Can you thing of projects that you get so engrossed in that you loose all track of time?

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