Monday, June 1, 2015

June Creative Journey: Day 1

Today, I finished the rough sketch of my cousins' dachshund (yes he is sporting a cone and exactly why I could not resist sketching him) and finished tidying up my bird sketches. I am hoping to transfer the birds to watercolour paper today and, if all goes well, try painting them tomorrow. We shall see how that goal comes as tomorrow is already a pretty busy day.

What is inspiring me today: 
Well, besides the obvious bounty of silly pet pics on Facebook...I am listening to The Spark by Julie Burstein. This audiobook is filled with profiles and interviews with all sorts of creatives and a rich source of inspiration. If you want a smaller taste of this work, be sure to check out the short Ted talk from the author,

And finally, a little thought I picked up from the Creative Thursday book: Don't wait on inspiration before you start creating. Just start and have faith that inspiration will meet you along the way.

How were you creative today?

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