Wednesday, June 10, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day 10

Today's painting came together over 3 small broken up sessions but, I managed to complete it. I also planned to sketch on the road, that did not turn out though. I'm debating if I should be waiting for daylight the next morning to photograph my paintings because this late evening light isn't showing the pieces well. We shall see, for the moment the goal is sharing the process more than anything.

What is inspiring me today:

This painting was really all about overcoming challenges. I hit many points along the way where I just wanted to give up or start over. I recently purchased some, supposedly, better quality watercolour paper but, the stuff has been a nightmare. It bubbled, and puckered leaving pools of paint. I could not spread my colour as I usually would and the darkest paints didn't seem to want to stick to it. Then, to boot, my masking tape just would not stay stuck to it. I actuall
y had to buy a new roll which worked moderately better than the older one. All of this to say that I made a conscious choice (cursing along the way granted) to just go with it and see what could be made.

Here are a few of the problems that in effect were responsible for creating this piece: 
  • Because of the faulty tape, I changed the orientation of the painting.
  • Because of the pooling and the difficulties spreading my paint, I decided to create a cloudy sky.
  • The positioning of the trees in the scene was greatly to hide places where the paint did not play nice.
  • Another bonus is that the turquoise paint I used on the moon granulated and pooled in the texture of the paper adding a great effect that I could not have planned on.
Have you experienced technical difficulties while working on a project which, surprisingly added to you final piece?

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