Thursday, June 18, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day 18

I am starting to get really excited now that I am typing these higher numbers. Establishing routine has always been a challenge for me so, I am really thrilled to have made it this far! 

Today, I finished the name frame for my son's Kindergarten teacher then followed my husband downtown for the afternoon to explore a new art exhibit in the entrance of his office tower and do some sketching.

What is inspiring me today:

I consciously decided to shake things up this afternoon and get a change of scenery. Fighting with my computer (husband is halfway through upgrading our server = bad timing) was making me cranky and I felt it was sapping me of creative energy for my projects. 

Going to Epcor Tower to take in some unique art, do a bit of sketching and reading (with a yummy mocha in hand) did just the trick. It's a fascinating exhibit, the kind that makes you think about what the heck makes something "art". One perk to these hard to pin installations is that they make for great sketching subjects. When I am sketching an animal, a person, or familiar object, it's easy to get stuck drawing symbolically, for example, just drawing an "eye" rather than the true eye in front of you. These sculptures are such abstractions that you really have to study their lines carefully to draw them. I used to shy away from this type of sketching but, I am enjoying it more and more. I am hoping that training my eyes to see shapes better will improve my art overall.

I've also started reading the book Walking this World by Julia Cameron which, is a follow up to her classic book The Artist's Way. This is already proving to be a very insightful read and I am hoping to implement a few of her strategies soon. I will be sharing more from this book in the days to come for sure!

How do you respond to usual art? Does it move and inspire you or do you tend to just feel out of the loop? To be honest, I'm often the latter!

-I am only showing one photo from the exhibit because, the installation is not complete and I don't know their policy or even the names of the artists.

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