Sunday, June 7, 2015

June Creative Journey Challenge: Day 7

Wow! I made it a week! My whole household is seriously challenged when it comes to routine so, this is already a real victory. There are only 3 weeks left now but, they will get exponentially busier as we approach then end of the school year. Here's hoping I can keep up the trend!

Despite plans to the contrary, I did not get to settle down with my paints until the kids went to bed today. Good thing my darling, supportive husband offered to take over and make lunches so, I could -finally- finish my bird. Which I have thank goodness! My paintings do not normally drag on for weeks like this one so, I'm glad I have the first one completed and I'm hoping his mate will be completed tomorrow!

What is inspiring me today:

I find, my needs change during the flow of a creative project. Initially, I really need to get my inspiration fired up, I need energy, joy and ideas percolating. Mid-way I may be more prone to look for tutorials or techniques to help me overcome challenges I have encountered. In the final stages though, it's all about silencing and even distracting my internal critic so, that I don't excessively fuss with a project and ruin it.

Today, being in the final stages of this painting, I reached for a totally unrelated audiobook. I've discovered over the years that I am pretty much 50/50 Right brain/left brain. This means that sometimes, like a child you hand some crayons to (or I guess an iPod these days) to them keep occupied, I have literally have to play something to distract left brain so that, right brain can get down and be creative unhindered. Now that sounds pretty goofy I'm sure, but, it just works for me. On particularly left brain days, I may even listen to fairly heavy lectures or podcasts then, create away.

What do you do to silence (or distract) your internal critic so that you can let loose and get creative?

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