Friday, July 25, 2008

August Christmas Card Take-Out Class-Take Two!

Well I've gotten the vibe that a lot of you are not very fond of a pink Christmas card!! While others absolutely love it! Not being a big pink fan myself, the last card in my take-out class was a bit of a stretch for me, though I did fall in love with the little pink sparkly penguin! Any how, if you are one of those people who were turned off by the pink I have good news: I am offering a blue alternative version too. So when you place your order simply tell me if you want the pink or the blue penguin! The other fun thing I realized about this card is that because of the saying (From our house to yours) you could really personalize this card and put a penguin for each member of your family! You know: Dad gets the scarf, sister gets to be glittery, mom gets eyelashes, brother...gets a hockey stick? Have fun with it!

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