Saturday, July 26, 2014

Silly Siamese Roses

Silly Siamese Roses  

Here's that quirky piece I teased about yesterday. This was again painted as a gift for someone. I felt a bit like the engineers in a Kindersurprise factory must- Dog, spacecraft, pickle? Sure, I can make that work! Basically, I knew the receiver loved pink and red rose-like flowers and siamese cats...both subjects I am not comfortable with. My strategy was to combine the two and, hopefully, each would hide the flaws of the other. What do you think? Did it work or is it weird beyond weird? I'm thinking I would reframe it next time, do more of a portrait of the cat and only roses behind, no floor-like surface.

Silly Siamese Roses - Reworked

As much as I love actually physically painting, there is something to be said about the digital arts. What fun to be able to recompose a painting after the fact? I like this variant much better. Which do you prefer? Or, is it still just too odd? ;)

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