Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wow Time Flies!

I knew it had been a little while since I last posted but, a month??? What on earth happened? I know you can't possibly know but the odd things is that I really don't either. They say that as you get older time passes faster and faster I really hope it slows down a little though because at this pace I'll blink and my kids will be grown!

I think I can guess one culprit to this last month going by so fast, if you take a quick look around at my blog you might also guess...My Digital Studio. Love it! Love it! Love it!! I can get awesome scrapbook pages done without turning my house upside down and it makes great posters/banners/backgrounds....really with a little tinkering the sky is the limit.

As for the new blog look what do you think? Both the background and the header were done with MDS. My mom is a huge fan of the artist Mary Engelbreit and loaned me a gorgeous book about her, I couldn't resist trying to reproduce her aesthetic on the blog. It's so cheerful and vibrant!

While I am going on about what you can do in MDS I might as well share a few of my recent scrapbook pages with you. Make sure to click on the images to see them larger, there are a lot of little details!

These first 2 pages were made to be name frames for my kid's rooms, I can't wait to get them printed! It was so much fun to use the included Simply Scrappin' Kits to make pages that reflected so well their personalities!

For this page I used a photo layout that is included in the program, it was super quick to do.
These last 2 pages are for the baby book I am working on for my son. Thanks to MDS it finally seems like an achievable project! {hint= black and white always looks classy and is a great way to deal with tacky or unpleasantly coloured scenes, like here at a hospital}

And finally, this is the front of the card I created and had printed to get My Digital Studio Certified. This card was almost effortless as, I took a premade one from the Hoppy memories kit and tweaked it to fit Kaleb's photo and a greeting. I am really happy I had a few of these printed, because it seemed kind of costly to have them professionally printed, but -WOW- they look great and are full colour inside and out! Hopefully tomorrow I can show you a photo of the printed cards as well as a peak at what I did inside!

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kat said...

Great pages. Love the baby ones, very cute. I'm loving my MDS too.